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                Xuchang Signs a Renewed Cooperation Agreement with RSBK to Push Forward its China-Germany Economic and Technological Cooperation

                【信息来源:【作者:【信息时间:2019-03-01 17:56  阅读次数: 】【字号 】【我要打印】【关闭

                Xuchang vowed to work with RSBK to deepen China-Germany bilateral economic and trade cooperation when the first cooperation agreement took into effect from January 2016 to December 2018. An another three-year-term cooperation agreement was signed between Xuchang People’s Government and RSBK on February 28, 2019. Mr. Hu Wuyue, secretary of CPC Xuchang Committee & mayor of Xuchang People’s Government and Rudolf Scharping, President of RSBK attended the signing ceremony.

                Rudolf Scharping acted as a bridge connecting Xuchang with German enterprises on project matchmaking, business negotiation over the past three years. With his support, Xuchang has signed 62 cooperation agreements with Germany, of which 21 projects have been put in place. The bilateral cooperation  covers areas of overseas acquisition, technology R&D, introduction of manufacturing equipment, vocational education as well as health and old-age care.

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