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                The first batch of tunnel equipment arrived at Xuchang

                【信息来源:【作者:【信息时间:2018-12-07 16:35  阅读次数: 】【字号 】【我要打印】【关闭

                The first batch of Tunnel equipment has been transported to Xuchang from Germany on December 4th, marking the substantial progress Xuchang has made on the acquisition of Germany’s GTA Machine System GmbH.

                After signing the acquisition agreement with GTA in 2017, Henan Dasen Tunneling Technology Co. Ltd now is the largest shareholder of GTA. Dasen will acquire the remaining stake   step by step until Dasen claims a full ownership and management control of GTA.

                Before being transported to Xuchang, the tunnel equipment  debuted at BAUMA CHINA 2018 Exhibition from November 27 to 30, arousing much attention among foreign and domestic visitors.

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